New Data Shows How to “Get” (NOT “look”) Rich

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Bloomberg finance just released a survey and all I can say is, “Wow! Sad!”. The data the survey provides, while sad, is extremely insightful in helping to explain this highlight reel of social media society we live in. In fact, I would argue this survey provides motivation to those of you who find yourself looking around and thinking, “how is that person able to do that?!?!” When it comes to getting rich, you essentially have two pathways you can choose to pursue. One is actually getting rich, the other is looking like you are rich. If you are the person who is choosing to actually get rich, well then, good for you and this data is going to keep you motivated to continue on the path you are grinding along! In some ways, the data from this survey is hard to believe is real; however, on the other hand, it makes total sense why the data shows what it does. For those of you who are looking to get rich and build wealth, this video will both shock you while motivating you at the same time. Keep at it! Keep grinding!

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