Naked Shorts, FTD, Dark Pools are OVERRATED! Here’s Why…

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Naked shorts. FTD. Dark Pools. Have you heard of them? At the time of this video they are the main talking points of MEME stocks and short squeeze stock plays. They are getting a whole lot of hype, but in my opinion, way too much hype to the point of now being completed overrated. Let me be clear though. Are they real and do they play a role in how a stock trades and the results it generates? Yes. However, the impact and actual affects they have on a stock are way overblown and dramatized for the online culture to rally behind. By using some simple logic we can begin to see why people should calm down in their focus on these varying dynamics within the stock market. I’m all for traders and investor having passion to succeed and make money, but you need to be very careful that you do not allow your passion to spill over into the world of being unrealistic. It is our job as traders and investors to be aware of the many variables that exist within a trade idea and plan, but the plan can become very unstable and risky if our focus relies to heavily on certain areas and beliefs. Let me show you why naked shorts, FTD and dark pools are all quite overrated!

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Strategies in Buying Gold and Silver

Knowing how to buy gold and silver is tricky business. It requires background knowledge on the matter as well as a certain degree of panache to come along with it. The thing with investing in precious metals is that people would usually read, and maybe ask about it.

Are There Any Risks For Gold?

Wise investments require wise decisions. Trends may come and go, but buying gold as an investment method has been in for centuries. This is due to the privileges it conveys its owner with. But are there any risks for gold worth considering before putting money into this precious metal?

Sell Your Gold

Gold is an asset that’s both tangible and liquid. You could hold it in your hands and buy or sell with great ease. There are various forms of gold investment – bars, coins, even certificates of ownership. The standard price of gold is changed twice daily by the Gold Fixing of London.

What You Need to Be Aware of When Buying Gold Bullion

Gold has been shown to be a worthwhile financial investment in the past and will definitely stay a strong source in the future. Therefore, many people are now starting to be serious about getting involved with gold physical investments. Typically, bullion is the kind of gold preferably used intruding.

How To Buy Gold, Where To Invest In Silver – It Can Be Confusing

A lot of people are interested in a gold investment these days, some want to buy gold coins, some are interested silver investing or setting up a precious metals IRA. Whether or not you are buying gold as an investment or you are not even sure if you want to purchase gold, it is still important to know where to buy gold.

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