My (unique) Review of Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University

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Have you heard of Andrew Tate? He’s been all over the internet lately and he offers a training program, Hustler University. I wanted to give you a review of the training program and whether or not their is value in it. I know many others have already made review videos about it; however, as far as I have seen, I am making this review in a unique way. Given I am the person who Andrew Tate’s students are reaching out to, I can give you the perspective of “are they catching my eye and getting my business with their sale’s pitch they’ve learned?”. I will give credit where credit is due. Andrew Tate is a brilliant marketer and absolutely understands how to get people to by his training program. I can say nothing negative about his own ability to market himself and create sales. HOWEVER, this creates a huge problem for the people who invest into his program. What is this problem? Would I recommend you purchase Hustler University? I talk about that and give my, unique, perspective as to the reasoning behind my thoughts and claims. If you are someone who is considering purchasing Andrew Tate’s Hustler University, then I’d highly recommend you take a few moments to consider my viewpoint and what I have to say. Let’s go!

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