My Theory on Why (EVEN MORE) Day Traders Will Fail…

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The fact is pretty well established. Day traders have an awesome money making opportunity online; however, it is not easy. It’s not easy to the point where many people who start day trading online to make money will ultimately fail. There have been a few articles released over the past couple of weeks that got me thinking and I wanted to share a theory with you, which I hope is wrong. I do have a theory though on why even more day traders will fail compared to the already bleak statistics. I talk about an article that does some bashing of the online stock trading app, Robinhood, but within that article is some very interesting new research science that has been released. This science gives us some insight into the new trading world we are now living in and leads me to believe it is going to cause even more hardships. Let’s take a look at his article and in particular, the scientific study that is the backbone to my theory.

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Gold Futures – Gold Trading

With the world economy in total chaos, gold futures and gold trading is in heavy exchange. In layman terms, if you have any assets invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or CDs, run, don’t walk to your investment broker and strongly buy into the gold investment. Gold futures are speculating on serious economic adjustments that will leave precious metals as the singular financial trading tools, left to survive the financial storm that is currently volatile and expected to explode in the very near future.

Commodity Investment – Gold and Silver

A commodity is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. Commodities are often substances that come out of the earth and maintain roughly a universal price. Investing in commodities is often told to be safe. This article discusses this and many other issues around commodity investment.

Everybody Loves Gold

No other precious metal than gold has been used for so long, for so many purposes and in such amounts. The fact people were attracted to it first because of its beauty is proved by its very name, ‘aurum’ in Latin, which means ‘shining dawn’, referring obviously to its gorgeous brightness. Since the Chalcolithic, craftsmen have used it for its stunning appearance, such a usage culminating in the ancient Egypt, the pharaohs being not only the first to have gold coins made for offering them to their friends, but their tombs being the most amazing collections of gold and jewels ever created.

Space Travel And Gold

Gold has a lot of special properties which make it the most useful precious metal. This beautifully colored metal with a brilliant luster is very easy to work: can be drawn into wire or hammered into thin sheets, alloys with many other metals, can be melted and cast into sophisticated shapes. It also conducts electricity.

2010 – A Very Important Year For Gold

2010 was a significant year for gold not only in the official sector, that of central banks, but also in the private sector of consumers or retail investors. As regards central banks, in spite of their second five-year gold sales agreement, they did not sell any gold last year other than to their domestic mints. Instead, they started to become eager buyers of gold, among others, Russia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand adding further to their holdings, without speaking about the greatest buyer, China.

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