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Sticking to a morning routine during quarantine helps me cultivate positive daily habits and prioritize what matters most—my loved ones and Rule #1 Investing. Today, I discuss why as an investor, I must set aside plenty of time to read and analyze my investments as one of my daily habits.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Life during the pandemic
01:07 – Morning reading
02:30 – Morning routine
03:35 – Getting to work
05:50 – Recap


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Answering: Why Don’t We Pay Taxes on IRA Investments?

As April 15th rolls around, tax experts are often asked, “Why don’t we pay taxes on IRA investments?” An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can be an excellent option for saving. A traditional IRA account is not tax-free, rather it is tax-deferred. Traditional IRA investments defer the payment of capital gains tax until the owner begins to withdraw from the account. In other words when someone opens an IRA, they do not pay taxes on it immediately. They keep reinvesting and letting it grow until they retire. Then, when they withdraw the funds during retirement, they do pay taxes on it. They pay higher taxes because the fund has grown, but are usually in a lower tax bracket because their taxable income is much less after retirement.

What Is a Prohibited Transaction in a Self-Directed IRA?

In its most general sense, a prohibited transaction is one where there is some sort of “self-dealing” taking place, either directly or indirectly. In certain cases, the self-dealing may not even involve the IRA owner. The chances of inadvertently engaging in a prohibited transaction are increased with a self-directed IRA that allows you to purchase alternative assets, such as real estate or privately held limited partnerships (LPs) or LLCs.

Self Directed IRA Investing/Lending Success

You can use your self directed IRA or 401k for great returns in real estate private lending. Is your 401k looking more like a 4K? Are your IRA returns just breaking even? Are you sick of losing money yet? You need someone that can turn your losing accounts into 8%-12% annual returns for your self directed IRA or 401k! Imagine a world with multiple opportunities to choose from and you get to choose the best deal for you.

The 401K Dilemma

401K, superannuation schemes and the share markets: Could they just be creating a giant pyramid scheme heading for another failure? When money is abundant, demand for commodities increases and so does their price. But that value relies on more and more money continuing to pour into the markets.

Two Overlooked Issues With Real Estate in an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

There are layers and layers of complexity when it comes to this topic. Right now, I’m going to wrap it up with two commonly overlooked issues when it comes to real estate in an IRA. When I create a wealth strategy with a client, two components I always discuss are: 1 – How will they use leverage in their wealth strategy? 2 – What will their role be in their wealth strategy?

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