My {Bad} Sale’s Pitch for the Secret of Making Money Trading Stocks…

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There are lots of secrets floating around online about the secrets to making money. All you need to do is head to YouTube or social media and you’ll be bombarded with sale’s pitches on the various secrets to making money. I would like to give you my sale’s pitch on the true secret of making money trading stocks, but, it’s going to be a pretty bad sale’s pitch. In fact, I would guess that most people don’t even make it half way through the video because its not what they “want” to hear. Telling people what they “want” to hear though is of course the key to an awesome sale’s pitch. You want people getting fired up and motivated! You want to spark those emotions of inspiration and excitement! These are the keys to making a sale; however, I’m going to spark none of those! I won’t be telling you what I know you “want” to hear, but rather, what you NEED to hear. There’s a reason why so many people who try day trading online fail, and my sale’s pitch explains why. For those of you who can look past the badness of the sale’s pitch and understand the core points being conveyed, you’ll be putting yourself on a very firm foundation from which you can build from. If you want the true secret to making money trading stocks, then my sale’s pitch will reveal this secret in a very anti-climatic way! Set the emotions aside and get focused on what truly matters to us as traders!

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