My 5 Day Losing Streak… (Day Trader Truths)

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Well, the internet can be a vicious place. That makes talking about losing days and trades not very enjoyable. But a losing streak? Oh boy! Buckle up, things might get a bit rough! In all seriousness though, that’s what happened to me: a 5 day losing streak! I can’t remember the last time this kind of streak happened. Let’s be serious, you need to try very hard in order to lose five days in a row, but somehow, I managed to make it happen! I’m sure this will bring out some trolls and armchair quarterbacks, but that comes with the territory of the internet. At the core though, there are some valuable learning lessons and a few tips and tricks I want to share with you. It may sound like a contradiction, but I made several good choices during the losing streak. Sure, I was losing money day after day after day; however, there were some choices I made that proved to be very wise within the overall picture. I want to share this personal case study with you as I believe it can help you learn how to deal better when “tough times” hit. One of the biggest day trader truths that many fail to realize is that, at times, the market can attempt to break your spirit and will, but you need to keep fighting, but in smart ways! Let me show you what I mean using some of my real life personal day trading results!

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