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What would my number one tip be to any beginner day traders who asked? Why would it be my number one tip? This is what I will discuss with you in this video along with the practical application of “how to do it”. I understand the tip may seem pretty basic and non-consequential; however, this is a line of thinking that will get you into trouble within the markets. As is the case with many things in life, oftentimes the most basic principles are some of the most important as everything else is built upon the basic framework. This is how it works in the world of online day trading. No matter how good of a strategy or method you have, those strategies will quickly crumble without a firm understanding of the indicator I will show you. Our core job as day traders is to be in constant search for opportunities that give us an edge in probabilities. If you learn how to find the “most likely to happen” events in the market, you will be a day trader for a long time and make plenty of money along the way. In order to find these events, the indicator I discuss will need to be at the foundation. I know I’m building up this indicator quite a bit, which is justified, but I get the feeling when I say it, you’ll be unimpressed! That’s the point though! The most important areas of the market are usually the most unimpressive! Let me share this tip that I would give anyone who is just getting started in the world of day trading!

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