More Proof “How To Trade” Books Don’t Work

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This is an important trading topic that I’ve talked about several times on the channel. In the spirit of investing our time as wisely as possible and being efficient in your quest to learn how to trade, please realize that “how to trade” books don’t work! In this video I have additional proof that arose in an unexpected way thanks to a viewer’s courage. I want to show you this proof and then offer up a bit more context behind it. Specifically, I want to use some real life information on why using books don’t work, but then also offer you a much better solution. The great news is, there are so many free resources out there that will allow you to learn how to trade in much better fashion compared to a book. At the end of the day, I know it seems logical to just hop into a book and start reading, but when it comes to the markets things are a bit different! Let’s take a look at this proof and then how you can approach learning how to trade in a much more efficient way!

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