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What’s coming next in the stock market? In today’s clip from the InvestED Podcast, Jake Taylor—Chief Executive Officer of Farnam Street Investments—sits down with Danielle to discuss his investing process and how he keeps a rational mindset during moments of uncertainty.

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00:00 – How investing relates to health
01:34 – Processes for investing
06:24 – How to be in the right mindset for investing
07:34 – Rational investing


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Simple IRA Plans A Win For Both Employer And Employee

Simple IRA plans can be beneficial for all participants. The plans give employees the option to defer compensation and grow their retirement accounts. They also give the employer the ability to award employees for saving by using matching or nonelective contributions.

Conflicts of Interest: How to Protect Yourself and Your Money

“If left unchecked, conflicts-of-interest could… amount to a significant reduction in retirement savings”. According to a 2011 the Government Accountability Office report “if left unchecked, conflicts-of-interest could lead plan sponsors or participants to select investment options with higher fees or mediocre performance, which, while beneficial to the service provider, could amount to a significant reduction in retirement savings over a worker’s career.”

Is Your 401(K) Plan Advisor Truly Qualified?

Regardless of any delegation or third party fiduciary assignments, 401(k) plan sponsors are responsible for selecting and monitoring advisors on a periodic basis. Although it is often overlooked or maybe just not prioritized, ERISA law requires fiduciaries to implement a prudent process for selecting, evaluating and monitoring advisors. Frequently 401(k) plan business is channeled to an existing relationship with a generalist broker who does not have the knowledge, training, or experience of a retirement plan specialist.

Heads Up Employers – Avoid These Common Mistakes

401(k) plans are highly regulated to protect the employees who use them. This thorough regulation also means the design, documentation and administration of the plans are rife with opportunity for mistakes. Some of these mistakes, depending upon who finds or reports them, are punishable with serious penalties.

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