Market Volatility: Will it Keep Going Lower? | Phil Town

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The impact COVID-19 has had on our market cannot be ignored. With such volatility, it’s difficult to know if you’re making the right investment decisions. This week, Danielle and I explain factors to consider when navigating the market during this decline.

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Why Should You Consider Roth IRA for Your Retirement?

Well, planning is a very common thing and it is done by anyone and everyone. Most of us plan so much ahead in life. Even, decisions’ regarding what has to be done after retirement is planned by everyone.

Invest In Your Future – Retirement Is Near

There may be a thousand stages in life- the first step, the first word, school, high school, graduation, first job and so on. It is all about future and how happy and secure it is going to be. As long as you have a steady job you have a steady income coming in.

A Changing Trend of Early Retirement

About a decade ago retirement was a gloomy affair. When most who were nearing to retire from their long service wished they had a year more. Today the ways and understanding of retirement is just the opposite than it was then.

Retirement and Self Employment

The day of retirement is the crucial day for many. Though it is known for every body well in advance that this day is inevitable in the life of a working man or woman, it turns to be a totally different phase of life. For those who had systematic saving plans for the future, right from younger age, retirement life is relaxing and stress free, since he has the continued purchasing power even after being out of work.

Why Should You Plan Your Retirement?

What is retirement planning? Retirement planning is an essential everyday duty in life that everyone should be aware of. It is you key to a happy living after the hard life of long hours of work and toil.

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