[LIVE] Day Trading | Wow! I Made 6 Trades… but did i make money?

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One of the more common questions I get as a day trader is, “Clay, how many trades do you make on a day to day basis?”. The answer is that the circumstances will determine how many day trades I make; however, I can say that making six day trades is not the norm. On this particular day, the stock market was giving several opportunities to make day trades, so I took advantage of them. I do want to note that I am not saying that in order to find success as an online day traders that you need to make this amount of trades. All I’m saying is that some days the market will present several trade set-ups that fit your strategy criteria. Be warned though! On some days, it will feel like the market is out to get you and offer you barely any set-ups. This is one of the great dynamics of the stock market. Every day is different so you need to enter the day prepared for whatever the market has in store for you. Arm yourself with a valid strategy and you’ll be ready for whatever happens. On this day, I made 6 stock trades, but did I make money? Let’s see what happens…

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