[LIVE] Day Trading | Uh Oh. Did I Enter the Stock Too Soon?

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Have you been there before? You buy a stock and then all of a sudden start questioning yourself… specifically, “Uh Oh… Did I enter the stock too soon?” I think that is an area of day trading stocks online that will never go away. Even if you have a rock solid day trading strategy, the human mind can be a crazy place and continually cause you to question your decisions. The difference is this though, do you freak out and listen to the voices of doubt, or do you hold steady with your strategy? Day trading is one of the best side hustles in the world (or full time jobs); however, like anything worth fighting for, it’s not necessarily the easiest thing. Instead of me trying to continue to explain what I mean by this, especially if you are a beginner just getting started, let me show you what I mean using my personal day trading stock results I captured on video.

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