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Well, I wish every day in the stock market could be smooth sailing where everything goes according to plan; however, that situation would be known as a fantasy. Whether you are a beginner day trader or someone with experience, the quicker you realize that, at times, the market is out to trick you, the quicker you’ll align expectations with reality. In this situation, TSLA’s stock was giving me all sorts of mixed signals and being a total trickster with me. In hindsight, it’s kind of funny to watch it back and see how it behaved, but at the time it can get very frustrating. As traders we just need to be prepared for days like this and not let them affect us. Just realize that these scenarios and trades happen to traders at any level and that you need to roll with the punches and laugh about it. Stay light hearted and it helps fight off the urge to go rush into another trade and end up creating more damage. Let me show you what I mean!

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