[LIVE] Day Trading | Trying to Fight Back to Green

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The reality of the matter is, part of being a day trader and trading stocks online in the stock market is losing money. In day trading terminology known as “being in the red”. I wish it were true that every time you buy a stock as a day trader it means you will make money and grow your wealth, unfortunately though, that’s not how it works. At times you will find yourself being in the red. The good news is, the stock market is always giving new opportunities (assuming you know how to look for and identify those opportunities), so while it’s not guaranteed you will make the loses back, there is a chance! Once again, from a day trading terminology perspective, “green” means you have made money. By looking at the title of this video and connecting the dots, you’ll be seeing a situation where I find myself “red” but decide to try and get back to making money and “being green”. Can I do it? Will I get back to green or make the red even redder? If you are a beginner to the world of day trading and just getting started, these are the videos you need to be watching. Not because I am some kind of brilliant trader, but because it presents you with a situation that you WILL find yourself in throughout your journey. How you handle yourself in these types of situations will determine a whole lot in regards to whether you are able to survive the storms the stock market can throw at you. Let me show you some of my personal day trading results and how it all played out, live!

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