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If you are looking to see how day trading online works with real life examples, then look no further! I was able to record my personal day trading results on a morning where the trading action was quite significant. In the timespan of only 30 minutes, I made three separate day trades. For those of you who are beginner day traders and just wanting to see what day trading looks like, or perhaps you have experience already and you’re simply wanting to see how others approach and trade the markets, you’ll get a great variety of action with this video. There are some valuable lessons to learn as the action plays out, so pay attention! Being a day trader and making consistent money online from a trade strategy is not easy. While it is totally possible to make consistent money, you need to be aware that there is a whole lot of time and dedication required upfront to learn how to properly trade and develop strategies that will allow you to survive for the long haul. Let me show you what I mean!

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Fiat Currency And Its Implications In The Economy

The notion of fiat currency is commonly met in the countries whose economies are based on a fiat system. Fiat currency is supported by no physical commodity. Its value is mainly given through government regulation or law. Fiat currency is heavily used to purchase goods and pay taxes.

The Best Investment Strategy for 2011 – How to Generate Wealth in an Economic Downturn

Everything you need to know about buying & selling Gold & Silver. With knowledge & action anyone & I do mean anyone can implement this strategy and create more wealth in the next 36 months than ever before in their lifetime. Whether you have $100 or $100 Million does not matter. It is what we do Now that matters.

Gold Coins As An Investment?

Gold has always been one of the best investments across the world. It has contributed a lot to the progress of an economy, government or empire before. It has been one of the foundations of every nation towards progress.

The Gold Kinebar Is Probably Set to Be an Investment Craze

The gold kinebar is in simple terms a gold bar which contains a hologram to prove its authenticity. KB Financial Group are launching their own investment 999.9 grade gold kinebar each bearing its own unique serial number and the all-important hologram which guarantees its quality. They have produced a 1 gram 24K 999.9 percent gold kinebar, each with its own serial number and hologram which guarantees its authenticity to the international financial community.

Paper Is Poverty, Not Money Itself

I have to thank Thomas Jefferson for the quotation he made in 1788 “Paper is poverty… it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself for providing inspiration for the title to this article which is designed to be thought provoking and stimulate the reader into possibly considering converting some of their fiat money into a tangible real asset that is readily convertible back into fiat money. That is gold.

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