[LIVE] Day Trading | This is Why You Should Learn Technical Charts (but a warning!)

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There are many day trading tools to choose from; however, my real life trading results you’ll see in the video show you that this is why you should learn technical charts. Technical charts are a fantastic tool to help you build day trading strategies that can help you consistently make money online. With that being said, technical charts also come with a warning that many beginner day traders fail to realize. Oftentimes, this failure to understand how technical charts… actually… work causes new traders to give up completely or build strategies filled with bad habits. A tool is only as good as the person using the tool, and when it comes to day trading tools, technical charts are no different. Instead of trying to explain all this with words, let me just use a video that illustrates exactly what I mean through my personal stock trading results. The best way to learn how to use technical charts is to establish a context of how they “should” and “should not” be used to make money.

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Silver and Gold Investing – Frequently Asked Questions

New to gold investing? You probably have some of the same questions as other new precious metals investors. Here, I have taken the opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why Should One Invest in Gold?

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals for investment today. Historically, gold has remained a measure of wealth as well as the medium of exchange for many years. It is more than just a commodity; it is unofficially a currency used all over the world. Central banks around the world use gold to backup their respective currencies.

Protect Your Money While You Still Can – Invest in Silver Coins

In 1971 President Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard, which means that the US dollar was no longer exchangeable for gold. Central banks such as the Federal Reserve could print as much money as they wanted, which is pretty much what the Fed is doing, except they used a nice term called quantitative easing.

Be Careful When Buying Gold Coins

If you’ve ever been to a pawn shop or simply wondered how people estimate the value of a gold coin, this article will help you understand the different aspects of how gold coins are valued. Two primary reasons that make a gold coin valuable are scarcity and grade.

Check the Quality and Popularity of Gold Coins Before You Buy

There are lots of things you need to learn before you invest in gold bullion or gold coins. Quality and Popularity are just two.

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