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I hope my stock results can help answer the wise question many new people to the world of online day trading ask: will it be worth my time to learn? I understand and fully agree that “time” is the most valuable commodity in the world, so if you are going to invest your time to learn a skill, you want to know whether or not it’ll be worth it. What I love most about being a day trader in the stock market is how it allows for me to make worthwhile amounts of money in a very “side hustle” type of way. There is no being chained to my computer or phone all day long. There is no me needing to check my online broker or phone app all day long. In this situation, I only needed to be at my computer for 8 minutes. Whether or not you think the results in 8 minutes would be worth your time, that’s up to you; however, I think for most people it would be worth it. As always though, let me warn you. If you want to learn how to be a day trader and make consistent money in the stock market, you better be ready to work hard and overcome many challenging times that will be thrown your way. You need to be mentally strong and capable of working hard! If you are ready for a huge challenge, then day trading online as a side hustle is something you should consider!

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