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As a day trader, there are all kinds of emotions and mental mind games that will arise in your journey. Some days you’ll be feeling frustrated, other days you’ll be feeling great! The truth of the matter though, you can feel great for a variety of reasons. The most common one of course is the fact that you made money from your day trading strategy. Another reason that oftentimes gets overlooked is because you displayed good habits and rules that saved your day from having a completely different result. One of the reasons I believe day trading is so hard is because if you are going to take it serious, you need to be an ambitious person. The problem is, ambitious people hold themselves to high standards and when you don’t have a very large winning day, it’s easy for an ambitious person to feel as though they had a “bad day”. I understand the logic, but as ambitious people, we need to remember to take a step back and look at everything from the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on “how much money did I make?”, I’d encourage you to look at your results from a “how much money did I avoid losing?” angle. This should all make sense if you watch the whole video, so yeah, watch the whole video as I demonstrate this using some of my personal day trading results.

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