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I truly do not want to post these day trading results. I would have much rather taken this video and put it down the garbage disposal; however, it is what it is and it illustrates the challenges that we as day traders face. If you are not aware, day trading online can be a great way to make money, so don’t get me wrong, but it is also a massive challenge that requires a boatload of dedication and perseverance. It’s not one’s fault but my own, but I also have to deal with what I call The YouTube Voice. We as day traders will have many voices visit us while trading, and the one I’ve learned to identify and deal with is the voice that reminds me I’m going to be posting my trades publicly on YouTube. This adds in a dynamic of wanting to “make cool videos” which can sometimes lead to making bad trades. Or, as you’ll see in this live trade video, it can lead to me attempting to redeem myself and make up for actions that made me look silly. Let me show you what I mean.

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Tips On Selling Your Scrap Gold

With our economy right now, many of us are having financial difficulties. But even though our economy is on the rebound lately, still the price of gold is as high as ever. Now is still a great time to sell your old gold scrap for cash. But first let me give you some basic knowledge for better understanding of what scrap is. Scraps are unwanted left overs of gold that can still be reused by melting it and reforming it. These may include alloys, flake, nuggets, and broken jewelry.

Gold Bars And Not Gold Jewelry

Based on the latest precious metal demand, demand for gold jewelry reached in the last year 407 tons worldwide. India is among the biggest consumers of gold jewelry mostly based on its culture and current economic growth. This demand, made the glittering metal to be more reliable than the currency, due to higher and higher interest rates.

Good and Bad Ways to Buy Gold

Gold is going higher! The Dollar will soon be worthless! Every other television commercial seems to scream that gold – and gold alone – will secure your financial future.

Finding Wealth With Gold

Throughout history gold has always stood the test of time as a safe, solid investment. But is it still a safe investment taking into consideration how weak the economy is at present?

5 Reasons Why Gold Is Still A Buy?

There are a lot of analysts out there screaming to short gold. And many investors are wondering if they have a point. But is gold really about to crash?

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