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It’s time to talk about the transparent part of trading. You know, the part that is not really too exciting to discuss, but is super important because, it is… well… reality! While I’ll be the first person to admit I would much rather be sharing a video of me doing everything right and making all kinds of money online while I sit at home, this is not how the markets and world of day trading actually works. At times, you’re going to come across situations like you’ll see in this video. As a beginner day trader and someone who is just getting started, please realize that when these situations arise, it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong! It doesn’t mean you are a bad trader or that your day trading strategy is no longer valid. All it means is, well, you are a day trader and that’s part of the day trader life! For those of you looking to learn how to day trade and build realistic expectations, this will be a video for you!

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