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I will be the first day trader to admit that it is very easy to get sucked into looking at big winning trades that score huge profits! It’s always fun and motivating to look at the stock market and know that there is huge opportunities to make great money. With that being said, we all need to remember that the true power of day trading and the stock market comes in the form of practical results. Our goal should be to find and build a trading strategy that gives us consistent and practical results. From time to time, we should absolutely want to get some larger wins; however, if you want to survive and maintain your day trading account, you need a strategy that will give you slow and steady returns. Will you be able to go buy yourself a private jet with the gains? No. Will you be able to accomplish some pretty awesome personal financial goals? Absolutely! In order to better illustrate this, let me walk you through a trade I made after having spent a mini-vacation with some friends.

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Magnificent Gold Jewelries

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Gold: Its Uses and Value

There are lot of metals sourced from the Earth but not one of them is as functional as gold. Though it is mostly known in connection with jewelries, there are more uses for gold than what we are familiar with. Some of the more common uses for gold are jewelry manufacturing, electronics, computers, dentistry, some medical treatments, glass production and architecture. Aside from these fields, there are many other functions where only gold is deemed effective to be utilized. This is the reason why demand for gold will never have any shortage and that is also the reason why, even when financial conditions are normal, the price of gold still remains high.

Gold Bullion and Precious Metals Strategies for 2011 Review

Why did Alice follow the rabbit? And why should you? Our world has changed not only in the financial and economic spheres, but environmentally, the parable of Alice in wonderland represents the human saga, and for every crossroad we come to in our lives we are forever faced with yet more crossroads.

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