[LIVE] Day Trading | The Clown Show (starring ME!)

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Who’s got the red nose and face paint? I need it! Despite what some tell you or portray to you, some days as traders, we are clowns. Of course it is not intentional; however, given the very nature of the market, we are at its mercy. Because of this, your trading and results can feel like a total clown show in which you are the main character! You aren’t alone though when these days happen. As you will see in this video where I show you some of my personal day trading results, I was all over the map in terms of strategies and execution. These are the types of days where all you can really do is laugh about it and move on from it. Day trading is hard and these are the days that can usually make or break you as a trader!

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Locating The Latest Gold News

There are many different commodities around the world that you can invest in to make money or to simply store your funds for a long term investment. Obviously, some commodities are more volatile than others and the one that you choose to invest you money in will really depend on what return you are looking to obtain.

Mexican Silver Libertad – Overlooked And Underappreciated Silver Coin Has A Rich History

One of the most underappreciated and overlooked silver bullion coins is the Mexican Silver Libertad. Most collectors and investors purchase popular bullion coins such as The American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and are unaware of the beauty and value of this unique coin. I can’t think of another coin whose design features everything from hard fought independence to eternal love to an ancient quest for civilization like the silver Libertad does!

Your Personal Invitation to the Global Financial Crisis

Borrowing to finance spending without raising sufficient taxes to cover these new obligations means deficits. But when you own the printing presses, electronic or otherwise, you simply create more money to meet your needs. When the Federal Reserve buys our own debt (when the US Treasury sells Treasury Bonds), they loan the money into existence with the ease of a computer entry. Instant money into the money supply.

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