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In my opinion, the most valuable commodity that exists in the universe is time. Because of this, my main focus as a day trader who is trying to make money online is to maximize my time in the most efficient ways possible. This is one of the best reasons to look more into learning about the stock market and how to day trade stocks online. When you develop a viable strategy and know what set-ups you should be taking, the opportunity to make respectable amounts of money in short amounts of time is very possible. As awesome as being a day trader and having 7 minute “work days” is, there are also times that can be painful. Day trading is very risky and very difficult. If you want to take on this challenge, you better understand at the start that massive hard work and dedication will be required. Making consistent money is not going to happen overnight. You will need to take it day by day and lesson by lesson. The end results though, can be well worth it! Let me show you using some of my personal stock day trading results!

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The History of Gold/Silver Coins

When you pull out your wallet or purse and take a look at your money, you see a series of bills, perhaps they are the green American dollars, or maybe even the blue Canadian variant. People often say that money is simply paper, and there is too much controversy over it, especially considering it is just that, paper.

Buying Silver Bullion – Today’s Market

Buying silver bullion in today’s market is as simple as finding a local or online dealer and placing an order. Your biggest obstacle will be finding the best price for your money.

Why Should I Own Gold?

I always get the question, “why should I own gold?” and while there are many reasons that you will hear from various people, most of the answers have something to do with fear. Whether it is fear of the stock market going down, fear of systemic risk in the markets, geo political fears, fears of inflation, fear of the falling dollar, etc, etc.

Don’t Invest In Other Commodities And Invest Only In Gold

Commodities are meant to protect your wealth in times of recession or in periods of inflation. Assets usually don’t benefit from any inflation but most commodities bring you a certain profit. Every one of us has considered making an investment at some point. You can invest in many ways in order to secure your financial future. There are shares, mutual funds and real estate to consider as there are precious metals to take into account.

Sell Silver To Unlock The True Value Of The Precious Metal

Precious Metals are a hot topic. Selling gold and silver requires some basic knowledge.

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