[LIVE] Day Trading | The $520 Sniper Shot

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There are lots and lots of strategies and methods to make money online as a day trader. Beginner day traders sometimes can fall into the trap of thinking they need to focus certain strategies in order to consistently make money, but that’s a fool’s errand. As a day trader you need to focus on a strategy that best fits your personal risk tolerance and time schedule. Yes, we are all human beings and have many similarities such as risk tolerances; however, “how” risk affects us is all going to be different. Because of this fact, you need to develop strategies and methods for you. In this live day trading video, I want to share with you one of the strategies I use within certain circumstances. I love the strategy because of how it tends to be a high win rate, but, there are several components that go into it that need to be understood. As you develop your own strategies, I’d say to consider implementing the “sniper shot”, but also be sure it fits into your mental makeup and psychology. Let me show you this sniper shot I took and how it all worked out. No theory here! I’ll be using my personal day trades that I captured on video.

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