[LIVE] Day Trading | The $504.17 Sniper Shot

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One of my favorite set-ups and strategies to use as a day trader in the stock market is the “sniper shot”. If you want to find long term success as a trader in the markets, you need to have dependable strategies that you can rely on. Let me be very clear though. Just because a day trading strategy is dependable does not mean it is perfect! Nothing will be perfect all the time which is why I’m always preaching risk management on the channel! But, when you are putting the right strategies in place at the right time, you can drastically improve the odds and put them into your favor. That’s our job as day traders. Whether you are day trading stocks, options, crypto or futures, we need to always be focused on leveraging as many odds as possible in our favor. At times, the sniper shot will be the wrong strategy to choose, but that’s just the nature of the business. You can’t always be right as a trader; however, even if you are wrong in some senses, you can still make money! Let me show you the sniper shot in action using some of my personal day trading results that I was able to capture on video!

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Online Gold Investing – Bullion Or Coins, Pick Your Investment Wisely

When you first decide to invest in gold, what is the most desirable way to make your purchase? Let’s looks at the options – at least a few to begin with. There are two main ways to buy physical gold – either by gold bullion or coins, also known as numismatics.

5 More Reasons Why Silver is a Better Investment Than Oil

Estimates are that about 9 cents per gallon of gas goes to the oil companies as profit, while 51 cents per gallon goes to governments in taxes. Most of the world’s oil is nationalized, so that makes oil a very risky investment. The price of oil is simply too high, governments are stealing most of the money, and that means that silver is a much better place to put your money.

Numismatic Coins Versus Bullion Coins

Collecting wealth with coins is ensured since the prices of gold and silver have continuously grown over the last decade. Numismatic coins are merely collectibles which are valued based on a lot of things such as quantity produced, rarity, condition and age.

Should You Invest in Silver Using the Gold-Silver Ratio?

During bull markets in precious metals silver has almost always produced higher percentage increases than gold. While gold has doubled in some of the upward moves silver has, at times, tripled or quadrupled in price. Some savvy investors use the gold-silver ratio to help them decide when to buy. Read this article to find out more about an indicator they use to help them make their decisions.

Why Buffalo Gold Coins Have Risen Above the Rest

The overall value of gold is still rising through the years, so it is really no surprise that investors now turn to gold coins instead of to American dollars when it comes to their investments. Buffalo gold coins provide beauty and sound investments that are sure to help in the future.

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