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What is my favorite fact about day trading stocks online? Time efficiency. When you learn how to day trade stocks and build a strategy that fits your fits and goals, you can make worthwhile money in very small amounts of time. This is why, for many, day trading in the stock market makes for a great side hustle. If you are seeking ways to build additional income streams into your personal finances, you should be considering learning more about day trading. Once you have your strategy in place, you can have “work days” as little as 10 minutes long. Don’t believe me? I understand! It does sound a bit too good to be true. Let me show you some of my personal day trading stock results that I capture don video. You will see just how much money I made in 10 minutes. I will let you decide if you feel as though it was a “worthwhile” amount. One big disclosure though! Day trading online and making money consistently takes a whole lot of practice and persistence. None of this will happen overnight. Be prepared to fight an uphill battle and punches to the face. If you are able to overcome the challenges thrown your way, you will be nicely rewarded!

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Green Investing – The Gold Rush

As the stock market gyrates, there’s one sector that’s enjoying a flood of investor interest: alternative energy and sustainable technology. It’s not just for tree huggers anymore.

Investing in Gold – 3 Critical Financial Events That Gold Bullion Investors Should Not Ignore

While there is never a wrong time to be investing in gold, the recent failure of IndyMac Bank, the collapse and bailout of the GSEs, and the sharp rise in the CPI made it more imperative than ever, for you to protect your wealth with gold. I’m going to go over those three financial events and explain why I feel that it’s more crucial than ever for you to buy gold bullion now.

Selling Scrap Gold and Silver – A Great Way of Investment

Probably you have never considered buying gold in order to help you to secure your future; well, this might be your wake up call so you can think about it seriously. Simply by hearing about this precious material should get you excited. Yes, diamonds are great and very popular among women, but this popularity of diamonds doesn’t affect the popularity of gold at all. The popularity of gold has always been great, so much that in the last years it has caught the interest of shrewd investors. These people think that gold could be the only safe investment available when recession strikes.

Investing in Silver – Are Silver Bullion Rounds a Good Way to Invest in Silver?

Silver bullion rounds, also known as silver art rounds, can be purchased in a variety of designs and sizes. They are readily available but are not government-backed as is the case with the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf or American Silver Eagle coins. This begs the question – are silver rounds a good way to invest in silver bullion?

Junk Silver Prices

Junk silver, pre-1964 silver U.S. coin prices have been growing consistently over the past few years. Why? First, junk silver refers to pre-1964 silver U.S. coins such as dimes, quarters and half dollars which contain 90% real silver.

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