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It’s one of the best feelings we can have as a day trader. We are in the trade, with a bit of profit in our pocket already, and now we just wait with great anticipation. What are we waiting for? That glorious price action even we as day traders call “continuation”. These are the events that pad our profits and ensure that, over time, our accounts continue to grow. There is a catch, unfortunately. Just because you have yourself positioned as you should from a trade management perspective, it does not mean you will actually get any kind of continuation. These are the moments which can lead to a day trader getting angry and frustrated. This in turn leads to them forcing trades and abandoning their trading rules. Does that happen to me in this video showing some of my personal day trading results? I won’t tell you that, but what I will say is there are several solid learning lessons here. Not “in theory”, but in the real world of trading that play out right before your eyes!

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