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Some mornings in the world of day trading stocks online you come out of the gates like a roaring lion! You can do no wrong. You are seeing the markets perfectly and before you know it, you have your gains for the day and you’re done! While I wish I could say this is how it worked everyday in the life of a day trader, that would be false. Some mornings, you just don’t quite have “it”. As you’ll see from these live day trading results of mine, I got off to a rough start. To my credit, I didn’t lose my cool and start behaving in irrational ways, rather, I just stuck with my strategy and made a few more trades. Day trading is a very difficult endeavor and one of the main reasons most beginner traders fail is they get off to a rough start and then deviate from their actual trading strategy. They throw their rules out the window and start shooting from the hip. No one is ever perfect at it (myself included), but you must learn to keep your emotions in check so you can continue to see the market as clearly as possible. Take what the market gives and then allow your strategy and risk management to play out as it should. Let me show you what I mean!

This is a video filled with a variety of items. There are several live trades I made with stocks, some learning lessons, and then also a real time quiz. The price action on the morning present some very interesting talking points that all of us as day traders need to understand. Day trading is an awesome journey that can open up so many doors of opportunity; however, it is also a huge challenge. Some days can be very smooth sailing where you day trading strategy works out without any drama. Other days, as you’ll see, can be very tricky and the price action is the exact opposite of smooth sailing. Factor in some logistics errors on my part, and yeah, it was not what I would call an uneventful day. All in all though, what you see is what you get as a day trader. There’s no sugar coating or making the life of a trader look different than it actually is. Did I play everything perfect? No. But will you ever have a perfect day? Sure, maybe once in a while, but perfect days are the exception and not the rule. Let me show you what I mean using some of my personal day trading results that I was able to capture on video.

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