[LIVE] Day Trading | I Traded for an Hour (My Results)

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My goal as a day trader in the stock market is to be done with my online trading, on average, after 30 minutes. This strategy is what I call the “Be Done in 30 Approach”. However, the key word in the first sentence was “average”, because as you’re about to see in this video recording of some of my real time day trading results, I was trading for way longer than 30 minutes. As traders it is our job to understand that each day is different and we will have a variety of situations thrown at us. Not all of these situations are bad, in fact, some can be huge money making opportunities. At times though, these situations can begin to bring about frustration and potentially lead us to making bad trading decisions. To be fair, sometimes if you choose to keep on trading you’ll make even more money if you’re in a groove, but was that the case here? It’s time for some day trader transparency and show the realities of trading which, unfortunately, are not always rainbows and butterflies!

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