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An unpopular, but 100% fact about day trading stocks online is that it’s not free. What do I mean? You’ve probably seen online brokers and apps that promise $0 commissions and fees. From that angle, you are correct, it is free to buy and sell stocks online. However, I am not referring to that angle. The angle of “not being free” that you need to remember is the potential you could lose money. Or in other words, in order to make money day trading online, you need to be willing to risk potentially losing some of your hard earned money. This is where the tricky part of trading reveals itself. Sure, it’s super easy to focus on winning trades and making money from the stock market. What many beginner day traders fail to realize is that part of each of those winning trades they see others talk about, there was the potential that the day trader could have lost money. To better illustrate this, let me show you some of the results from a day trade I made. My trade plan was based around the fact that, if I was wrong and the stock did not behave as I thought, I would be losing $250. How did the trade play out from that point forward? Well, I’m not going to tell you here! You’ll just have to watch and see if my $250 risk ultimately paid off or not!

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