[LIVE] Day Trading | I Risked $100 on this Stock. The Results…

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The one fact you must be okay with when it comes to being a day trader and trading online is that you have the potential of losing money. In all actuality, you will lose money from time to time. If you want to build a valid day trading strategy then you’ll need to accept some loss along the way. This is nothing to be afraid of in the sense of day trading is impossible, it’s just a dynamic you need to be aware of. On this particular trade, I was willing to risk $100 in the event my trade idea was wrong. As nice as it would be for a strategy to have a 100% win rate, it doesn’t exist and never will exist. You just need to be okay with an amount you are willing to lose in any specific transaction. I know I have been talking about losing quite a bit; however, the good news is, you can also win! The key with this is when you win, you can “win” for as much as the price movement goes in your favor. This mathematical fact is what allows a strategy to overall be consistent. As the classic saying goes, “cut the losers and let the winners win”. Let me show you how this all works using some of my personal stock day trading results that were obtained within the stock market.

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Investing in Gold

There are many ways that an investor can invest in gold. The popular method is buying gold bullion where you can have a direct and measurable exposure. This will come at a premium, but you have a commodity which can be traded globally.

Are You a Modern Day Gold Miner?

Since both the Gold Rush of San Francisco and the Gold Rush of South Africa have been discussed, it is known that both of these as well as with other Gold Rushes throughout the world have required one major thing: mining for the scrap gold. However due to online transaction opportunities, you can exchange cash for gold with out ever having to go deep down into a dark and cold mine! And how does he or she go about doing this? It is by “excavating” and requesting that gold pack place your jewelry in it and just wait for your return.

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