[LIVE] Day Trading | I Made 7 Stock Trades! (but did i make money?)

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What an action packed day! When you are day trading online and trying to navigate the markets, you just never know what stocks will be doing. Some days can be very slow and not offer up many good stock set-ups to trade; however, other days you can have a variety of stocks that look great to buy. There is always a potential risk over trading too much, so that’s certainly a fine balance that needs to be monitored, but some days, there is simply “lots of opportunity”. In this situation, I had seven total stock trades which is quite a few for me. Now, just because I made seven stock trades does not mean I ultimately made money. The stock market offers no guarantees so it’s a very real possibility that I walked away with less money than I started. Did I? Well give this video a watch where I show my personal day trading results!

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History of Gold Dinar

For millennia people have been trading and bartering in order to fulfill their daily needs and business. Throughout the history, the methods of payment varied and what remain in use until the present day are gold coins.

Types of Gold Investments

Investing in gold is unquestionably safe and profitable to a certain extent. Although the profit is probably not as high as that of stock shares, gold is not subject to the rise and fall fluctuation as the shares.

Gold and Silver, Phone Orders, Local Dealers and Coin Shows

Purchasing bullion coins over the telephone from a local dealer or from a coin show is more time consuming than buying online but there are some advantages to each method. Phone orders from a reputable seller can be just as easy as an online order form.

Silver Investing – The Best Strategy For Those Of Modest Means To Accumulate Silver Bullion

It is no secret to anyone who has been watching the precious metals market the last year that the price of silver is much more volatile than that of the other precious metals. A few times in the past year, I have bought silver bullion a day or two before the price jumped up a dollar or two. More often though, I have bought a day or two before price took a steep dive. But price volatility doesn’t bother me in this phase of my silver investing program. That is because I accumulate physical silver bullion for asset preservation and insurance against the possibility of severe economic calamity, not for investment. The best strategy for silver investors of modest means to accumulate silver bullion has two components: regular interval purchases, and automatic cash deposits to your silver bullion accumulation vehicle.

Copper ETF: Is It a Safe Option?

For small investors there is really only one method they should consider when looking into investing in Copper. That is investing their money through Copper ETFs. The way it basically works is that you buy units of a fund (sort of like a mutual fund) and then the fund takes your money, along with that of the other investors and purchases equities that are tied to the Copper industry in some capacity. Some examples would be mining companies, refining firms, and maybe retail providers. The key is quick and easy exposure.

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