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It was a busy morning! Everyday is different for me as an online day trader in the stock market, but I think that’s what keeps it all so fun and exciting. Each day brings a new set of circumstances and situations. It is our job as day traders to figure out what the best approach to the circumstances are. Some mornings I only make one trade, however, in this case it was a target rich environment and I was able to make five different stock trades. What happened with the results? Did I make money? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video for those answers! If you are a beginner to day trading in the stock market and looking to get started, I’m confident this video will give you a very realistic view of just how day trading works and what can be expected. A huge part of learning how to day trade stocks properly is to build the proper expectations going into the pursuit. This video will help give you a firm foundation in that regard. Let’s get to it!

The Top Three Reasons Why Gold is the Best Investment

Know why gold can be a secure investment that can protect you in poor financial or economic conditions. This article will give you the top three reasons why gold is ideal to invest in now.

The Best Advice For How to Invest in Gold

Many investors across the world appropriate a considerable proportion of their investments to gold funds. For the common investor, gold is perceived to hold intrinsic value and is a safer option then many other types of investment. The issue of how to invest in gold is a complex matter and without the proper information of current market trends and practices with regard to gold investments, a common investor cannot gain much by investing in gold.

Is Silver As Good of an Investment As Gold?

If you are an investor who wants a good return for your investments and wants an asset that acts as a safe harbor on his portfolio, then investing in silver is the best option. No longer is gold the biggest kid on the block as far as solid investments go!

Is Gold Investment All It Is Cracked Up to Be?

With the economy suffering from such a crisis most people have a large number of concerns regarding making any kind of investment. In the past, people thought of purchasing stocks, dollars and gold as a good way of making investments. However the global recession seen in the last couple of years has caused major financial losses to the investors.

The Glory Days of Gold Investment

Gold is probably one of the best hedges against inflation. During periods of depression, war, natural disasters, economic crisis and uncertainty, gold, which is both liquid and global nature, is the natural refuge that most affluent people. All these interests in gold have strengthened the prices Gold.

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