[LIVE] Day Trading | I Just Didn’t Have “It”… (day trader transparency)

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Let me state a quick fact about day trading online in the stock market (or any financial market for that mater): it is hard. I know! I know! You can look around social media and YouTube and walk away with the impression that being a day trader is a simple way to make money online, and at times, it is… however, the reality is it takes a whole lot of skill and endurance. Why? Well, some days you just won’t have “it”. Sure, you may have reliable strategies and methods of making money, but given the market makes no guarantees, sometimes things get odd. You’ll find yourself seemingly not being able to do anything right. You’ll feel like the stock market is out to get you. You’ll begin to feel emotions arise that can cause all sorts of harm. I hope this video can reassure you that you’re not alone. All day traders experience these sorts of days. Whether or not they share it is a whole different conversation, but I promise you, these days happen to them also! I’m aware that me “saying” all of this does a poor job of actually explaining what “not having it” looks like, so let me just show you some of my personal day trading results that I captured on video that will do a better job of showing what I mean!

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The Gold Spot Price Explained

As the name indicates, spot price is the fee of any item that is to be paid immediately on purchase. Similar is the case for gold spot price i.e. the amount that you pay in order to get a particular quantity of gold. It is also sometimes carried out one or two days before the actual trade takes place, but in normal cases this period never exceeds this limit. In simple words, gold spot price is the price at which the market is buying and selling gold.

5 Reasons Why the Gold Price Will Rise Rapidly

People are always looking for ways to increase their income or to get a little extra cash to get them through the week. Maybe you have a holiday coming up and you didn’t get a bonus from your boss or you need a little extra cash to tide you over until the next payday, but you don’t know where to find the cash. One of the best ways to get that holiday bonus that you want is to sell the old broken pieces of gold jewelry that you have.

Buying Gold Bars – A Wise Choice of Investment

For many years, it was proven that gold bars are among the most stable investments you could ever have. Since its discovery during the ancient times, gold has been an essential part of the culture of every country. All cultural and historical studies directly associate gold as a status symbol of a person or a family. This is because of the durability and shinning characteristic of this metal. However, gold is not something you just dig under your backyard. A single piece of gold may take tons of collective efforts, explosives and sometimes, even lives of gold miners before it could land on your hand as bars or as glittering jewelry.

Understanding Gold Bars

Gold bars are one of the most desired precious metals since time immemorial. As an investment, gold has always been on the top of the list of items to invest upon. At present, gold has a very high market value. This is greatly attributed to the low production of this precious metal all over the world while the demand continuously increases. Unlike real estate, money, or other investments, gold seldom falls in value. They remain stable despite economic recession.

Tips on How to Buying Gold Bars

Buying gold bars is done mostly by investors who want to purchase a substantial amount of gold without the burden of paying the huge premiums. This is a sure fire way to protect their assets while giving them the opportunity to still use their purchasing power without any limitations. Today, the price of overhead for extracting gold is getting higher by the day, while the supply is slowly depleting. Due to the law of supply and demand, it is certain that the overall purchase price of gold in the next few months or years will surely rise.

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