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If you want long lasting success as a day trader, you need to be able to find trade setups that are beautiful! How am I defining “beautiful”? Trade setups that while not guaranteed, you feel as though they give you a high probability of making money. Once you have a valid strategy as a day trader, you’ll begin to see these setups over and over again. In fact, at times these setups can cause you to fall in love with them and have huge expectations! This is a fine line as you don’t want to get overconfident, but at the same time, you want to have conviction in what you see. With all that being said, sometimes the market will give us a setup and then… it will… well, give this video a watch and you’ll see exactly what I mean. No worries, none of this is being talked about “in theory”. I will be using my personal day trading results to show you exactly what its meant!

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To Buy Gold – What Are The Factors Involved?

In order to purchase gold, you may seek advice from a gold company, to be able to buy a particular amount of gold. It all depends on how much money you have available to invest.

Can Gold And Silver Protect The Middle Class From Extinction?

The average family who has worked hard to raise their children, educate them and saved to retire comfortably is in for a terrible surprise. Their investments will not enable them to survive as the dollar investments become worth less and less. Even if the dollar survives, which it won’t, the constant money printing by the Federal Reserve will make its purchasing power so small no middle class family can save enough. What to do?

The Details Involved When You Choose to Buy Gold

People may purchase gold due to the fact that they fear the results of inflation and catastrophic share price declines which normally happen in times of war an political uncertainty. They buy it because it is more than likely to maintain its value.

Eternal Silver

The allure of the precious metal that investors and collectors treasure has been with us since ancient times. Silver vases and silver ornaments have been unearthed at Troy, where ancient Grecian armies sacrificed their lives over one man’s passion for a lovely woman. Over three thousand years ago Pharaohs of the 19th Egyptian Dynasty even treasured silver as the substance of which the bones of Gods were composed.

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There are tons of ways to save for a rainy day. This article isn’t going to serve as your financial advisor of course, but some of these ways include: Ordinary passbook savings, Investing in real estate.

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