[LIVE] Day Trading | How Traders Become Mentally Unstable to Trade…

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The life of a day trader is one filled with mental battles and emotions. While I realize part of my slogan is “trade without emotion”, the fact of the matter is that there will always be emotions. Because of this, our key job as day traders and swing traders is to be able to identify the emotions and understand how to battle them. Unfortunately, not all trade plans work out well. Unfortunately, at times, you’re going to be looking at some very frustrating situations. This does not make you a bad trader, but it does put you in some very dangerous situations that need to be understood! All these dynamics are hard to explain with words, so let me just show you some of my stock day trading results that show how I slowly became mentally unstable. So much so, that I was no longer qualified to be able to keep trading. For you longer time viewers, you’ve seen me post plenty of videos where everything goes in my favor and I walk away making great money. As a spoiler alert, that will not be the case in this video lol… get ready!

There is nothing better in the life of a day trader than a fast start to the day. The opening bell to the stock market rings and in almost a blink of an eye, you are sitting on some nice profits. This is truly one of the huge benefits of being an online day trader: the speed at which you can make money. With that being said, you also need to realize a few other important day trading truths such as what you’ll see in this video. For those of you who are beginner day traders and just getting started, an extremely important concept you need to learn and understand is how quickly the market can change on you. In many ways, the markets can be bi-polar. One minute they are raining down profits on seemingly every decision you make, and then the next minute… well, you’ll see. Let me show you, using some of my personal day trading results, what I mean. If you are not careful and understanding of this topic, you’re going to find yourself giving back your gains or potentially losing them all and going into the red. Be ready for morning like this….

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