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Being a day trader is a great thing. Whether you day trade stocks and options online as a side hustle or for a full time job, day trading can be very rewarding. At it’s core, day trading is all about trying to find and leverage as many advantages in your favor as you can. One of the ways I’ve discovered to best leverage advantages is to work with other day traders. Given I only have two eyeballs, it is very possible (and happens quite frequently) where I miss seeing an opportunity to trade and make money. However! Due to the fact I have a community of traders who I’m with on a daily basis, I am still able to make money as they alert me to the particular situation. So if you are curious about how my online trader community works and want to see how members make money with me, you’ll see all of that in the video. No worries though! None of this is a “theory” on how it should work, or how I hope it works. I am using some of my personal day trading results that show how all this works in reality, no theory. Let’s get to it!

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