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Day trading stocks online can be a great side hustle or full time job. For me it’s a side hustle and when it allows me to make over $500 in under 10 minutes, I am more than happy! If you are someone who is willing to work hard, study hard, and grind it out, then the stock market and world of day trading is something you should consider. By no means do you need to quit your day job; however, if you are simply looking to build wealth through several income streams, day trading can be a great strategy to use! To be clear, making consistent money online from the stock market does not happen overnight, but if you are willing to put in the time to learn how to day trade stocks the right way, the sky is the limit! Let me show you the power of the stock market by using some of my personal day trading results I captured on video. Let’s get to it!

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History Of Silver Prices

Silver is a lustrous metallic element that has had luxurious value throughout the history alongside gold and other precious metals. Even though the silver price history suggests that the value of other precious metals and gemstones were much higher than that of silver, it has always been considered an item of luxury and royalty throughout the history.

Gold Projections

Gold projections of the future and the prospects of where the yellow metal is going shows that it has gained value at over 500% since 2001 and will continue to climb. The dollar, on the other hand, is down 20%. It is my belief that the dollar will continue to be a loser and will fall at an accelerated pace making gold and silver ascend beyond our imagination.

3 Reasons the Gold Price Will Rise

There are three major reasons why gold should outperform over the next 3 to 5 years. Central bank policy, geopolitical instability and financial system problems will all propel the gold price higher.

Precious Metals Investing – Why Must You Invest In Silver

Precious metals investing is something which would never go out of fashion. No matter where we go and no matter how developed a country is, people will always prefer precious metals investing to other sources. When we talk precious metals investing, we are not only talking about sliver, but also it includes gold and platinum.

What Factors Affect The Prices Of Precious Metals?

There are many factors, which are responsible for charting the graph of prices of precious metals, such as silver prices, on market charts. Economic depression, war, policy decisions and major global events are some of the important ones.

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