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Being a day trader is a great way to make money online; however, like anything in life and money making, there are always pros and cons. The con that we as day traders need to keep in mind is how much emotions can impact our decision making process. If you want to learn how to make consistent money online, you need to learn how to make good trading decisions. The quickest way to make poor trading decisions is to allow your emotions to sneak up on you. These day trader emotions can come in many shapes and sizes. In this situation, I was coming off of a day where I made a very large winning trade! I have learned over the years that when this is the case, I need to “chill out” the following day as I may have way too much extra confidence. Or, in other words, my ego may be way out of control.. An ego that is running rampant is a great way to get yourself punched in the fact with a sledge hammer. So, how do I deal with situations such as this? Let me show you using some of my personal day trading results that I captured on video!

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FED Decision Supports the Gold Price

FED, the central bank of America, decided to keep the interest rates low and continue the Quantitative Easing in its meeting on Wednesday afternoon. This was pretty much what the markets were anticipating but still the price of gold dipped before the meeting since some bargain hunters speculated that another outcome would be possible.

Appraising Gold Coins Accurately

Appraising gold coins accurately is extremely important. After all, you don’t want to wind up paying more than a coin is worth, or being paid less than a coin is worth. It’s imperative to understand that the value of a coin is based on an appraisal, which is essentially an opinion or guess.

How to Invest in Gold

In this article you will find helpful advice when it comes to investing in gold. We will discuss various investment options and the benefits of holding gold in your portfolio.

What You Need to Know About Gold Investment?

Gold is a precious metal whose ever growing worth in the market has made it an attractive investment option. From 1 billion ounces in world inventory, gold is now placed at 5 billion ounces.

An Introduction to Silver Proof Coins

Silver proof coins are a work of art produced by a mint with very special qualities and are considered legal tender but they are not intended to be spent. They are worth far more as collectibles than their face value and are considered the Rolls Royce of coins.

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