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While it is true that everyone is different in the world of online day trading because of varying personal risk tolerances, there can also be many very similar situations that we all face. I recorded myself day trading the stock market and captured some, frustrating, yet non-avoidable trades. So, if what you witness in this video from my day trading results has happened to you, you’re not alone! When you are a beginner day trader and just getting started, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are doing something wrong or that you have a broken trading strategy when you get these kinds of results. It does not make you stupid. It actually makes you a very logical person. If you are doing something that does not give the results you want, well then yeah, it’s normal to think that you may need to make some changes. This is why learning how to be a successful day trader is so difficult. At times, the logical action to take is not the action you should actually do. Instead of trying to explain this further, let me show you some day trading action that demonstrates one of these situations that you will experience.

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