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I don’t know how new you are to the world of online day trading and the stock market, but if you are not aware of the fact the stock market has a sense of humor, then let me tell you… it does! At times, this can be in your favor, but as you will see in this video, at other times you are the butt of the joke! The situation you’ll see is extremely frustrating and can drive you crazy if you allow it to. What I have learned over my many years of being a day trader is that sometimes the best medicine to prevent yourself from going crazy and doing something stupid with your trading strategy is to… well… laugh! I realize this may come across as treating day trading not very seriously (which is a BAD choice). In all actuality though, it’s the exact opposite. You will at times need to acknowledge that the market has a mind of its own and there are no perfect or guaranteed strategies. If you can relate to what you’re about to see in this video, then hey… you’re not alone! It happens to us all, including us on YouTube. Whether or not the person on YouTube chooses to share it given the embarrassing nature is another question, but it happens to us all!

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