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Depending on how much of a beginner you are in the world of online day trading in the stock market, I’m sure you have some experience with emotions. Most beginner day traders believe day trading success is due to the tools and platforms being used. While having the right broker, platform, tools and strategy is without doubt important, it is not going to be the key driver to creating success. If you have only traded in a simulator with practice money, you will be in for a shocking surprise when you begin to trade with real money. Believe it or not, you have many voices living inside your head that will come to visit you once your hard earned money is on the line. Fear, greed, excitement, panic, caution, etc. are the numerous emotions that we as day traders must learn to deal with. The problem is, these emotions never go away and if you are not always paying 100% attention to them, they will still bite you. I’ve been trading since 2006 and as you will see in this video of my personal day trading results, the emotion of greed showed up and “got me”… Day trading is a very rewarding side hustle and tool to generate income; however, it is also an extremely challenging skill to master due to the emotions involved. Let me show you what I mean!

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