[LIVE] Day Trading | Don’t Be A Sheep… (here’s why)

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I understand. I really do! The sales pitch of “Hey, all you need to do is follow me and you’ll make money!” is so alluring. I mean, if someone else is going to think for you and do all the hard work, yet, YOU get to make money from it… why wouldn’t you? In the world of day trading and the financial markets in general, this is a very common sales pitch that you’ll see. To speak a bit more bluntly, their business model is to make money off people with a sheep like mentality. They are preying upon those that don’t understand how day trading actually works. In this video, I hope to motivate you to not want to be a sheep. I hope to show you why it is powerful to adapt the attitude of wanting to learn how to think for yourself and make your own trading decisions within the markets. Day trading is a very challenging endeavor and one that requires blood, sweat and tears. It does not require you to be a sheep and blindly follow someone else. Sorry! It just isn’t that easy! After watching this video I’m confident you’ll be ready to destroy and temptation you have of being a sheep and fully grasping the idea of learning to make decisions all on your own!

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