[LIVE] Day Trading | Do I Show Losing Trades? (Yes!)

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It’s a more than fair and valid question. “Hey Clay! Do you ever show your losing trades?”. In the world of social media and YouTube, it’s quite common for traders to paint a picture of day trading that is not exactly realistic. They do this by constantly talking about winning day trades and how much money they’ve made; yet, seemingly never talk about losing money because they were wrong. While I understand I do post lots of winning day trades, I also am willing to post the losing trades when they happen. If you are someone who maybe learns more from seeing a day trader lose money, than make it, this will be a video for you. As much as I wish I could sit here and tell you that the side hustle of day trading provides constant money, that’s just not the truth. You must understand that losing is part of being a day trader. It does not mean you are a bad trader, it just means you are honoring risk and ensuring you survive to fight another day! Ready for some red? Let’s get to it!

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Silver Prices Will Continue to Rise

Even though silver prices have reached a 30-year high recently, it hasn’t come close to increasing to its potential, and should outperform gold, even though its precious metal cousin receives far more financial media coverage than silver gets. There are several reasons silver prices will continue to rise, and that includes industrial uses and its secondary value as a form of currency, and/or protection against inflation and the debasing of the U.S. dollar, or whatever particular currency you may use.

Silver Prices Expected to Continue Rising – Current Value Still a Bargain

Silver prices will remain inversely proportional to the value of the dollar in the short-term. As the Federal Reserve continues investing in government debt, the current trends are unlikely to change course. Silver is an industrial metal, and this makes it more scarce in the long-term than other precious metals. Most currencies are under attack by the established financial oligarchy, and those looking for an alternative to currency favor silver…

Why Silver Might Be a Smarter Investment Than Gold

Is silver a smarter investment than gold? With the wide spread in the gold to silver ratio and the relative shortage of silver bullion available, experts predict a run on silver that will bring high returns to investors holding silver bullion.

Before You Buy Silver Bullion Bars

Hordes and hordes of people are buying silver rounds bullion or silver bullion bars, but before you do that, there are a few things you should consider. With how the economy is going buying silver has gotten very attractive but how EXACTLY should you buy?

Silver Prices Reflect the Current Value of the Fiat Dollar

Silver prices are pushing the known limits, today. Overnight, there was a big boost to the spot price, which took it to nearly 27 fiat dollars. As for the other side of the equation, the dollar index is pushing the limits to the downside as it sinks to below 76. It looks like the Fed’s commitment to continue buying the government’s paper promises with the funny money is having the desired affect. The bright side of this is that…

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