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One lesson you need to remember as a beginner day trader is how quickly thing can change with your day trading results. This of course cuts both ways. Meaning, if you are not careful and disciplined in following your stock strategy, the thing changing is you losing your profits for the day; however, at times, the one thing that changes is you can go from a “blah” type of day to a very worthwhile one. As you will see, my trading day was very average and mediocre, yet, I stuck with it and when “the set-up” finally came along, I was able to quickly capitalize on it and very quickly change around my day. Just because your results may be frustrating and annoying at one point, all it takes is one trade to come along and your day trade results can change in the blink of an eye. Let me show you exactly what I mean using some of my personal day trading results I captured on video.

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