[LIVE] Day Trading | A Mixed Bag of Stock Trade Results

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As day traders, sometimes the stock market will throw a big bag of randomness at us when it comes to our results. This does not mean you do not have a valid strategy or need to change any of your stock trading mechanics, it just means that there are no guarantees in the market itself. In many cases, beginner day traders who are just learning about the stock market and just starting with their actual trading believe that they need to all of a sudden change. This is not true! No strategy is going to produce flawless results at all times. There will be periods in your trading career (even if it is just being used as a side hustle) where you’ll have a mixed bag of results. What matters the most is that you continue to manage risk and control your loses so that when those “mixed bag periods” subside and your winning periods arise, you can keep your day trading account growing in the right direction, up! Let me show you what I mean when I say “mixed bag”…

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