[LIVE] Day Trading | $898 in 17 seconds (crazy!)

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Crazy! The stock market sounds like a total scam when you say “Hey, I just made $898 from the comfort of my own home in 17 seconds!”. Believe it or not, being a day trader and having a valid day trade strategy can set you up for some unbelievable opportunities within the stock market (or whatever financial market you choose to trade). As you’ll see in this video, I was rewarded for staying patient and not allowing the stock to trick me. What do I mean? I thought the stock would behave in one manner, but it didn’t… well, at least not right away. The stock had me thinking that my original idea was wrong; however, the one thing I did do right was continue to track it and the stock ultimately did what I thought it would! Being a day trader is not easy and you’ll need to learn how to navigate the tricky waters of price action, but for those who are willing to put in the required time and effort, the rewards and opportunity can be quite worth it!

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Comparing the Newer Versions of the American and Canadian Pure Gold Coins

Gold coins have drawn many interested investors. Canada has newly minted a.99999 fine 1-oz Gold Maple Leaf coin, but it will not replace the previous coin; it is simply a limited edition piece. It is better engineered and there are even a few one million dollar pieces for interested investors. Because of the problems with the design of the previous coin, many believe that this is just a strategy to get more people interested and buying the gold coin. The packaging of the new coin is also very good. They are on suspended on 4″ X 6″ cards and the plastic is much heavier. The edges of the coins are not jagged but rounded to prevent damage to the plastic.

Be Prepared for Even Worse Times, the Best Way to Do That Is to Invest in Gold

Since early 2000 the world economy has been facing some serious financial dilemmas. Everyone, especially in the western region has been afflicted in some shape or form by the recession. The stock market performed very poorly and the real estate market is in intensive care. Unemployment soared to record numbers has people were let off or companies severely downsized. Many top brands and international businesses had to close their doors because they could just not hold on through the hard times. But while everyone was feeling the pinch, there were some of us, who were smart, understood the times, and had already began shoring up their assets with investments in gold bullion, coins and certificates.

How Easy It Is to Make the Decision to Invest in Gold?

Making the decision to buy or invest in gold is not a difficult one. People have always been enamored with gold and that is for very good reason. It is an element that is more than just being pleasing to the eye and they have found it attractive and of immense value. Queens and kings of olden days, like the Queen of Sheba, King David and Solomon had immense gold collections. Buildings used to be built of gold and so too many graven images. Those images were pure gold and if found today would be worth a fortune. Places like India and Dubai are cities of gold. What do I mean of this? It is not difficult to find gold, to see buildings varnished with gold, or to see gold elements. They understand and appreciate its value.

Quick Tips On How To Get The Best Price For Scrap Gold

Whenever you make a decision to sell any kind of product you should always examine the market prices in order to determine the current value of this item on the market. This means if you want to get the best price for scrap gold, it is more beneficial to understand how to do calculations on your own. You can accomplish this easy as long as you are aware of the weight of the gold and also the existing market price.

Things To Bear In Mind When Selling Scrap Gold

There are some caveats to be aware of when selling scrap gold, particularly if you plan to do this on the internet. This market is seeing a tremendous increase in the amount of prospective purchasers, most of whom lacks experience or even a longstanding reputation. The following paragraph will provide several points to help make sure the process is easier and enable you to get the best price for scrap gold.

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