[LIVE] Day Trading | 2 Stock Trades in 10 Minutes (Make Money?)

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“I don’t have enough time” is not a valid excuse for day traders in the stock market. I’m aware that with many side hustles and money making strategies, there are amounts of time required that may be “too much”; however, that is not the case here in the world of online day trading. In this video, I was able to only need 10 minutes of time (working from home) to find two different stock trades. Did I make money? Well, you’ll need to watch the video to see that. As you watch the video, ask yourself this question: “are these results worth 10 minutes of my time?” I say that because we all do assign differing values to our time, which is smart. So perhaps you will see my personal stock trading results and not find them to be worth the time, but maybe some of you will. There’s no need to start to learn a new side hustle or build an income stream if you don’t believe the end results are worth the time and effort. Let me show you some of my results that only took 10 minutes to generate.

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The Best Ways Of Selling Silver Coins

Silver is one of the most valued metals on earth. Since ages ago, it made its mark as a beautiful shiny material for jewelry, tableware, and coinage. Today it is used in a variety of fields including electronics and medicine.

Finding Cash for Gold

Knowledge is very important when we want to succeed in cash for gold industry. We should know the value of our product and determine if the buyer is legitimate or not.

How Is the Spot Price of Silver Decided?

Spot price on silver indicates the price paid on a silver transaction for instant payment and delivery within one or two days of a business transaction. The word ‘spot’ itself translates into price paid for immediate transaction and transfer. Although there are many factors influencing the silver spot prices, the basics lie in the price determination through supply and demand.

Investment in Gold Mining Is Increasing in Africa

With the economic and political turmoil at present, in the developed markets in particular, currencies are volatile and gold is regarded as a safe haven. Investors turn to gold in times of uncertainty as it can be traded anywhere at any time. With the current gold price being $1786 per ounce and a more than 200% increase over 5 years, it is probably safer than most currencies, even with short term fluctuations.

How Should Novice Investors Go About Buying Silver Coins?

An investor interested in buying silver coins should have firsthand information on working of the silver market. It is necessary that the investor gets deeply involved in the topic before he starts investing in the precious metal.

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