[LIVE] Day Trading | 11 Minutes. How Much Can I Make?

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How much time does day trading require? This is a good question to ask before jumping into any new skill. If the new skill gives you lackluster “returns on time”, then it’s probably not worth devoting the time and energy to learn the skill, whatever it may be. I don’t know what your time is worth, so I can not tell you whether learning how to day trade stocks online would be worth it to you. I can only show you what is possible and then leave the final decision up to you. In this video of my personal day trading results you’ll see how much money I could make in, only, 11 minutes. I also need to be very clear about this: day trading is not easy. It will require blood, sweat and tears to learn. It will push you mentally beyond what you even realize existed. So please don’t think day trading is something you decide to do and then money starts rolling in. If you enjoy a huge challenge and love to push yourself, then by all means, considering learning to develop the skill of day trading online!

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